Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pressure. and. Release.

I can't express how much stress I feel at the moment.As
much as I'm looking forward to Christmas break, there are so many things that I need to get done in order before I can be at ease.
The only way I can escape from the chaotic world is through my music. I know I can't stay away from the world forever, but music provides an outlet from the fast pace world that we live in. There are a lot of things that the world tries to take away, but one of the things that I won't let the world take away from me is my love for music. Music is what gives me release from pressure. It allows me to express myself. Sing my heart out like no one can hear me. Avoid all contact with the world.

Every morning, I wake up to music. Then I take my iPod off the speaker docket a
nd slip the little earbuds into my ears and listen away. As I walk to school, I'll hum along with the tunes playing into my little cochleas. I find peace. I live in my own world. (Random side note: I wish everyone had their own theme song everywhere they walked. So that when one walks around the corner, one can easily identify who that person is.) I contemplate the things that I am going to do, and what I need to do. Sometimes some of the songs I listen to are really meaningful and make me reflect on it. It isn't until I walk up the school steps and make way to my locker when I know I have to put my iPod away. I don't put it way until I close my locker: keeping the world out for as long as I can. Not going to lie, I often forget to put my iPod away because I become so absorbed in my music. The one thing I dread the most is pulling out those earbuds. Who knew two little things were so good at blocking out the world. I have to convince myself that it's better to put it away and listen later on the walk home... I pull out the earbuds and the sound of the world: students laughing, teacher's chatting, squeaking of shoes, closing of locker doors, rush into my now empty ears.
Thanks to this lovely piece of art (named Shane, meaning God is gracious) escapes have never been easier. I find myself writing music to express how I feel about certain aspects in life. Sometimes I just play just for the sake of playing. Sometimes I don't know what I'm playing, but if it sounds good, heck I'm happy. I know it's not a good habit, but sometimes when I don't feel like doing homework, I'll pick up Shane and play for two to three hours. If that's the only way I can find who I am again, fine. I love music with a passion. If I had the funds and the time and no restrictions what so ever, I'd definitely put together a band and travel. Apart from my faith obviously, music keeps me sane and alive. Music makes my world go round. Music is my escape. If nothing else in the world makes sense, music always finds a way. That's what I love about music. There are no rules or regulations to music. There are many different ways to express, whether it is loud, soft, sad, bright, jazzy, heavy. Music is the one thing that will always remain without boundaries. Sure, you can get all technical on me and say what about all the rules to writing music and what not. My response to this is simply this: You decide what happens in a piece. No one dictates how you should write something, you have a choice to perform or not perform. If only schoolwork were like music... but it's not.

...Welcome to reality...

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