Monday, January 18, 2010


What is hope? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, as a verb, to hope is to cherish a desire with anticipation of something. Some say hope is worth living for if there's nothing left to look to. Why do we hope? What do we hope for? Hope provides comfort, which later helps one to maintain positivity.
There are many things that we hope for in life: hope to meet others' expectations, hope to mend friendships, hope to see another day. We entered in the new year in hope of change. Like the word love, there are many different degrees of hope. There are some degrees that take away from the word's meaning and there are some that contribute. At the moment we see a large amount of hope being poured out to the needy country of Haiti. We can see that hope is evident in those who live there, those who traveled there to provide aid, and those who have made financial donations. Surely the hope of the people in Haiti is to a greater to a much higher degree than a child's hope for Santa's arrival to bring him toys.
In Heart of Darkness, we see the hope of the Europeans to establish the "new land" as theirs, their hope to indoctrinate the natives: show them the proper way of living, while in the minds of the natives, they hope for peace and the restoration of their land.
In Sunday Mornings, we see the hope for restoration in a father-son relationship or the hope of realization for the son's love for the father although it was not made evident in the past.
In Dog's Death, we see the hope of a married couple seeing their dog return to health. Although the puppy did not make it, hope allowed the couple to stay positive and reminisce the good memories that the couple did have with the puppy.
My personal hopes: I hope that this even that has occurred in Haiti would allow me the opportunity to share the Gospel with others and that God's hand is in this event. I also hope that my mom would be cured of her malignant cancer. Although it may not seem like it, God is in control of everything. God uses events like these to bring others closer to Him.

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