Thursday, August 18, 2011

Refreshed and Revived

so i've been working on this huge project of mine all summer long. in fact, it started during spring break when i decided to paint my room and redecorate it. there's so many fun ideas running through my head, but i can't seem to come up with the funds to make it happen. however, there are ways around it. luckily for me, i took a ceramics class and i made some pretty fun stuff for my now room decor. beforehand, i honestly didn't know what to do with it all, but with a few friends who took a liking to my work, they found a home. yes, there are things that i would like to have, but can't afford. when life gives you melons, you may have dyslexia, however when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. so...

want a new bookshelf?

click the photo for a more detailed picture
this contraption cost me $11.00 with each wine crate being $3.50 each.

the most expensive thing on this shelf, unfortunately, cost more than the bookshelf, which is the dried flowers in the mason jar. that project ended up being about $13.00.

click the photo for a more detailed picture

i also purchased these wooden shelves that fit in the corners of your walls. 
click the photo for a more detailed picture

installing these shelves was not fun. though, i must say i am very happy with the end result. ironically, these corner shelves ended up costing more than my bookshelf. i believe $29 total, give or take (i never said that this was a money saving project).

click the photo for a more detailed picture
so now this oh-so-very bland corner is now looking like the best part of my room and i'm very proud of it. but what about my bland walls? i've already started on it and that's another blog post i suppose seeing that it's not complete. however, i suppose a sneak peek never hurt anyone right?

click the photo for a more detailed picture

i guess this'll have to be a project for the next summer... it's a shame that i've done all this work only to leave for college. oh college...


  1. Great job Hannah! :) Can I hire you next summer to help my boring room corner?! :)

  2. this looks AWESOME hannah.

    i'm LOVING the wine racks. WHERE is this wine store you speak of?

    i may need to obtain a few.

    the corner shelf looks awesome.
    and beastly.
    i can tell you put a lot of effort into it.

    and the owl is adorbs where is that guy from?

    and i totally feel your redecorating pain. i did the same thing in college. it is so sad to leave it behind!

    but more incentive for you to come back ;)

  3. @ Ellen, of course! it's more fun if i do it for free though :)

    @ Kim, thank you! you can get these wine crates from any wine store there is. however, the prices vary from $2-$5. i got mine from Weimax, google map it and it should pop up and you'll know which one it is. mr. owl is from the hills. niki said she got it at "home goods."

  4. Where did you get the corner bookshelves? Or did you just make them?